The New Hampshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Initiative provides information and resources to optimize the educational outcomes for the state’s children and youth who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We promote the Educational Service Guidelines for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, guidelines meant to assist schools, families, and state agency personnel in providing appropriate educational services to children and youth with hearing loss.

We assist parents in finding the resources they need to help their child achieve intellectual, social, and self-advocacy milestones. We also work with Educational Interpreters to encourage high quality interpreting services and to offer them opportunities for continuing education.

Our Mission

  • To support New Hampshire’s schools and families in order to improve the educational outcomes of the state’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth
  • To provide training and current information about educating Deaf & Hard of Hearing students
  • To be a resource for families, schools, and educators

You will find links to organizations, resources, and services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth throughout our website.  We welcome opportunities to provide an educational presentation or to meet with you – whether you are a parent, family member, educator, administrator or educational interpreter.   We would be happy to collaborate on a topic of concern or to provide technical assistance.

Our Staff

Kevin L. Bohlin, Project Coordinator

kevin bohlin

Kevin Bohlin is the Project Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Initiative. He has worked at a variety of educational institutions including the American School for the Deaf (Connecticut), the New Mexico School for the Deaf, Gallaudet University and Model Secondary School for the Deaf (Washington, DC) and SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf/Howard College (Texas). Kevin has worked with a range of ages of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students from elementary school to college level.

Kevin attended California State University Northridge and Gallaudet University for his undergraduate degree and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English from Gallaudet.  He obtained his Master’s in Administration and Supervision from Gallaudet University in 2012.

In his position as Project Coordinator, Kevin will oversee all aspects of the Education Initiative. He will focus on outreach to schools and parents, plan and develop professional development opportunities for educational personnel working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, and will work with state and national organizations to collaborate and expand the Initiative’s resources. He is committed to working with a variety of stakeholders, legislators, Teachers of the Deaf, as well as with students and families.

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Emily Graves, Project Assistant

Emily Graves is the Project Assistant for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Initiative.  She comes to the Initiative after working in Interpreter & CART Referral for many years and completing degrees in English from Mount Holyoke College and Sign Language Interpretation from University of New Hampshire Manchester.  She has also been a member of the New Hampshire Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf since 2005.

Emily will be working to expand and maintain the Initiative’s website and online presence, to foster collaboration and an information exchange between the Initiative and Educational Interpreters, to provide consultation regarding communication access and interpreters/CART providers, and to provide administrative support for workshops and events hosted by the Initiative.

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