Available for Loan

The Education Initiative is pleased to offer a lending library of books, DVDs, and instructional materials. Books and DVDs can be borrowed by students, their families, and schools while instructional materials can be borrowed by schools (including educational interpreters, SLPs, Special Education staff, itinerant TODs or school-based TODs.) Please see the links below to view the list of available materials. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Books & Instructional Materials

Books and DVDs can be borrowed by students, families, and school staff personnel.

FM Systems Available for Loan

FM Systems can be borrowed by a school or school district.

The following FM Systems are available for loan:

  • Lightspeed Personal FM systems
  • Phonic Ear Totable Desktop systems
  • Roger Inspiro Transmitter & Roger X Receivers (2)

All FM systems are for educational use and on short term (30 day) loan.  Extensions of the loan may be made with prior notice and if there are no other requests to borrow that particular FM system.

How to Borrow

All of the loan items – books, DVDs, FM systems, classroom/instructional materials, and assistive listening devices – are available on request.

Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page (opens new tab) to request the items you wish to borrow.  For further information, please email the Education Initiative.