We have started tweeting! You can find our Twitter feed by typing @NHDeafEd into a search engine or by logging onto Twitter and using Twitter’s search function. In case you need a refresher on which social media tool Twitter is, it’s the one where you send a message that’s limited to 140 characters. You can attach a picture to a tweet, take a poll of your Twitter followers, or add a video to a tweet so that 140 characters can be expanded.

Our tweets will focus on many concerns related to Deaf & Hard of Hearing children and adults from news and events from the Education Initiative to sharing information about local resources for parents and teachers to Deaf & HOH community news. We’ll tweet about future educational interpreter workshops, studies related to learning language for Deaf & HOH kids, and news about all types of accessibility (communication access, captioning, mobility and vision access, etc.).

Join us by reading our tweets on this webpage (see sidebar to the right) or follow us on Twitter (opens in new tab)!